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IGeS, International Geoid Service

International School of Geoid Service

Loja - Ecuador

October, 7-11, 2013

Bulletin 1, Bulletin 2

Bulletin 3, Bulletin 4

11th International School of Geoid Service: heights and height datum

The International Geoid Service (IGeS) has already organized, on behalf of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG), 10 International School on the Determination and Use of the Geoid; among them 3 were given in South America. The focus of previous school was much more concentrated on various theories and methods to determine the Geoid, rather than on its use. Yet we realized that there is an increasing need, particularly by national services, to have a better understanding of height systems and height datum, an unification of the reference surface of heights and a clear definition of the kind of height coordinated to be used, their observation equations as well as the transformation from one height system to the other.

For all these reasons IGeS has decided to organize a new course based on the following tentative program:

1. Heights and height datum
2. Global Geoid models and their use
3. Modelling local mass effects on the Geoid
4. Local improvements of the Geoid
5. Local height datum and biases
6. The unification of height datums in South America
prof. F.Sansò
prof. N.Pavlis
prof. D.Blitzkow
prof. R.Barzaghi
prof. M.Sideris
prof. L.Sanchez

During the courses lecture notes will be distributed and numerical exercises will be implemented by the students with the support tutors. The University of Loja, Ecuador, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, will host the event and supply the organization. The fee of the school is fixed to 350 USD. Some support might be given by IAG under request.

Please, if you intend to participate write to the Local Organizing Committee to the address: iges@polimi.it giving your name and coordinates. The deadline for pre-registration is April 15, 2013.